Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday in San Telmo

Today we had lovely day cruzing round San Telmo, which is the oldest barrio and also where our hostel is found. We had a look round on our first day but we were pretty out of it from the flight, and today was more interesting as being sunday there were markets and street shows in abundance. We saw our first bit of Tango, but to be honest it didn´t really butter my muffin.

Better than that by far was some street music played on classical guitars, two guys playing a kind of guitar question and answer. There was also a super cool looking old dude who did some tango dancing to there music with some dressed up old-timer type women. If that wasn´t enough they invited some other guys to play, who were a bit older and turned out to be the ´grandfathers of Tango music´according to the old dancing dude who we ended up talking to. He was a right character and was telling me all about the history of the ´conquistadores´, who were showered with boiling oil as they came through the narrow streets. He had an amazing face full of mirth and cheek and was a pleasure to chat to, though I struggled a bit with some of his Spanish.

From Buenos Aires

The market was full of all sorts of antiques and jewellery, and Leah was torn between wanting to buy it all and sticking to our budget. However yesterday we went to another market on the other side of town and Leah bought some cool big-disk earrings, with me being like a sugar daddy and handing her her allowance! I seem to have become wallet man on this trip, with Leah keeping an eye on what we spend.

On our way back to the hostel we found a street with loads of street music; jazz bands and a kind of ten peice classical ensemble complete with piano! The sun was out all day and a cool breeze was blowing - just lovely!

From Buenos Aires

We also went round the BA cemetary and saw Eva Perron´s tomb. The whole place was full of enourmas crypts with the coffins clearly visible through windows and slightly ajar doors. Kind of creepy really!

From Buenos Aires

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