Saturday, January 27, 2007

Buenos Aires

woooah, we´re travelling! Finally under way and it´s a stange sensation. So here we are in Buenos Aires, after an arduous and very bumpy 14 hour flight from London. Glad we got out beofre the strikes though! We´re staying in an area called San Telmo, which is an old style barrio with narrow streets and loads of antique shops. You can buy heaps of stuff here, but I keep reminding Leah that we´re supposed to be travelling light! There are lots of shiney rings, broaches etc that keep attracting her attention...We staying in a really nice Hostel called Ostinatto. It has a cool atrium right up the middle with gangways leading to rooms that criss - cross all the way up to where a glass roof lets in the day light (and let´s you know the weather). Our room doesn´t have a window to the outside world, but there´s a roof terrace and a balcony in the kitchen.

Yesterday we went for a big long walk through Buenos Aires, taking in the ´plazas´etc. It really does feel like a european city, such as Madrid or Rome, which is peculiar considering how far away we are. We go caught in a storm and some really heavy rain which went on for ages while we sheltered under a building. In the end we jumped on a bus and the sun came out just as we entered the hotel! Typical. Was a nice day none the less.

The Hostel is full of really friendly people and breakfast is a great time to sit and chat about everyone´s experiences. Today we´re going to do more exploring and also go to the bus station to see about tickets to other exciting places. We´ll probably try and pick up a sim card too so Ill post the number in case you want to text so say how gealous you are!

We´re not seen any tango yet, but we understand the weekend is a good time to catch that sort of thing, whether it be in a bar on on the streets. I´m going to try and get some photos sorted out but the connection here a the hostel is really slow, but free so that´s cool - watch this space.

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