Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Boiler Man

Poor engineer dude is here from British Gas....his afternoon started badly with a difficult to maintain and repair boiler that had broken down in some poor old dears' house, leaving her with no hot water and no heating. He toiled all afternoon, when I called to find out where he was, he said he was looking at bits of a boiler all laid out over the I waited patiently, just hoping he would come today so that I wouldn't need to wait until tomorrow. And come he did, at about six thirty, and he's still beavering away in the kitchen trying to get my boiler to work properly...

I made him a cuppa tho' so he'll be right as rain soon.

Just been reading through the Howies blog, those guys still rock. I'm sending them some jackets back on which the zips have broken....I'm hoping their design team will find it useful to see where their jackets fall down and make them even better.

Snow fun, comp winer and more.

Well, Manu Chao was awesome, I was right to be excited! Following that Leah and I headed to Sri Lanka for a lovely holiday over Christmas, with Bobby, Netta, Laurie, Beth and Family...I should post some photos thinking about it.

2009 has started well. Chimovski played an awesome gig at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town. We managed to get 99 people down to see us so the place was heaving - they had to open the doors at the back so that the people who couldn't get in could see! I'll try and sort out video and photos soon. We're playing again at the Bullet Bar in Camden on the 26th Feb.

This Monday serious snow hit London, which meant my office was closed for the day, which was a nice surprise. Went for a nice walk with Jesse and Katharine through Regents' park and up to Primrose Hill. The snow was perfect for snow-balls and snow-men. This lead to everyone rolling MASSIVE snow balls, until they couldn't roll them anymore, and they lay dotted about the park like some kind of strange art exhibition. It was a shame to see the number of discarded bin-liner bags all over Primrose Hill. People are SO lazy.
From cold snaps

I had a result today as I found out that I'm one of the winners for this months Core77 1 Hour Design Competition. You can see my 'Freedom' entry here. Always nice to win something.