Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Leah!

Yesterday was Leah's birthday so we had a small gathering/party of friends over to celebrate with us at her folks house. It was a really nice day, and we got nicely drunk on Sangria and Pims, which felt very summery indeed. We were surrounded by her really good friends, including Emily who has come over from London for a holiday. I progressed from Sangria to Pims and then beer as we slowly drank the bar dry. After we served everyone loads of fantastic food they one by one flaked and bailed to recover at home - that's the problem with starting early I suppose. Having said that I much prefer to chill with people in this manner rather than standing around in a noisy bar not being able to hear anything. Must be getting old I suppose. At the end only Deshan and Soharni remained and we goofed around in the bar for a while before they had to split and return to their families. After that I watched the Borat film, which I must confess I thought was less crazy than everyone had said - enjoyable none the less in a cringeworthy way.

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abigail said...

Hey Lee and Leah, just wanted to say hello - it was fab to meet you and thanks for introducing us to Ben & Emily too! Looking forward to reading about your South America adventures and as promised, have put your blogs on my blog... Take care and have an amazing time. Abigail & Patrick xoxo