Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woken up at 5am

This morning I was woken up by an alarm at 5am. First it infiltrated my dream and I found myself outisde an enormous skyscraper office block with the same alarm going off. We were trying to turn it off by switching various sockets on and off, but to no avail. Arrrgh, failure dreams, must mean something deep and meaningful.... ;) Anyway, when I woke up the alarm was still going off and now I cant get back to sleep, so I'm up. Hurray.

Finally took delivery of my Dahon Speed P8 folding bike on Friday. I had to go to the scariest industrial estate ever, which is to be found round the back of Wormwood Scrubs prison on Mitre Lane in case you want to go for and 'extreme walk' some time. Since the bike is a folder it allowed me to unfold it there and then and ride home, which seemed to impress the lads working for the courier company no end! Riding a folding bike is a little unnerving at first since it's easy to believe that one of the many quick-release hinges could leave you in a crumpled heap of folded wheels and pedals at the least bump in the road...however, so far so good and it's great to be riding again - public transport sucks! While not the smallest or quickest folder, the Dahon offers great value for money and looks great too....well, for a folder anyway.

Mrs Leah Bazalgette and I are happily settled back into our lovely flat in Maida Vale and she got confirmed at Cunning last week so is feeling a lot more permanent now. We've the In-Laws/Land-lords staying at the moment, i.e Neela and Zarook, which is great, though it's a little odd to have other people here all the time! Looks like we'll have Leah's sister Tasha move in after they've gone too, though I think I've managed to convince her that I'm a total anti-TV fascist, banning all but Radio 4 from the media streams.... well, I'm not that bad, but Hollyoaks really isn't my idea of interesting or relaxing TV. In the mean time Leah and I need to sort out our own space I think, and having to share this flat will no doubt galvanise us into getting our sh*t together.

Off to Wales this weekend to introduce Neela and Zarook to proper cold...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye Bye Family

Just seen our family off on their way to the airport and back to the UK :( Sad to see them go, and to know that we're heading off soon too... but what a fantastic time we've all had!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok, so we're a week into it, but then I've been very busy with all the parties here - getting married, er, three events for that! - Leah's birthday, Zarook's 2nd 30th - so young and handsome to boot. It's been the most amazing end to 2007 and a fantastic start to 2008. Check Sami and Mer's blog for some descriptions and photos, I'll post more of mine later...I'm on a Mac so no Picasa at the moment - please google, sort us out a Mac version!

I'm really looking forward to this year - Factory have given me an opportunity to try and really make a difference with sustainable design and I've a new path to establish with that one. Exciting and daunting too.

So for 2008 I want to:
  • Surf more
  • bike more
  • read more
  • cook more
  • grow some of my own food
  • shop local - farmer's markets rule!
  • climb more
  • play more music
  • take more photos
  • spend more time with my family
  • blog more
  • make more of a difference
  • live the life I love
Being married has been fantastic so far, Leah and I are closer than ever, it feels natural and great! We had the most amazing wedding ever, the beach was beautiful, the sunset red and stunning, the people wonderful....everything about it was just awesome.

New year was also great - all our friends down at Hikaduwa beach, 'angin' out and causin' trouble. Some great surf to be had there too - almost felt like I was getting somewhere again. Man, it's so nice to bod up and down in the warm indian ocean with turtles popping up for air every so often.... going to be hard back in the Atlantic!

Then an awesome 'home-coming' reception, where Leah and I got to enter riding on palanquins, with a procession of traditional dancers and women throwing flowers at our feet. Oh, and an elephant!

So I've a week left to sort our selves out and enjoy this wonderful family before heading back to London. 2007 was such an amazing year - here's to topping it with 2008!