Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lost my iPhone :(

Well Elsie and Mark's wedding sure was a blast on Saturday, but the annoying thing is I managed to loose my iPhone somewhere on the way home. If anyone tries to sell you an iPhone with a Chimovski logo as the background image, please get in touch!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some greeny product design stuff

Just been catching up on various blogs etc to do with green-design. Here is the current Greenpeace rating for electronics companies:

Also, I just discovered Worn Again, who are making stuff from old stuff. Awesome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's always sunny in Wales

Just on the train home after a fantastic long weekend at Fforest, where the sun shone, the lambs bleated, and we generally ate, drunk and were merry. Bobby is in the process of buying some land so the first thing I did was build a style over the fence to gain access. It's five acres of fantastic land that rolls down from the house to the road, and is currently occupied by the owners sheep and their offspring. Leah an I sat on the style watching the elambs play as the sun set over the hills on Saturday night - lovely!

Here are some of the (tasty) little dudes watching us watching them.

I went for a three hour rude up into the Brechfa forest trails on Sunday- it's amazing up there, and I'm starting to see lots more people. Most of the people I spoke to had made the journey down from London, and one bloke was from ipswich way!

Last night we had 18 for dinner, including my friend Frank and his partner Sally from the Eco design centre in Cardiff. They had bought along their chocolate Labrador, Marley, and bobby's friend marcus had bought his one, Rollo, so it was a bit like seeing double at times! Still, alisha and ffyon made good use of them by incorporating them into their show, which was awesome. Frank had bough some authentic Irish patchin so things deteriorated a bit as the night wore on, with peter polish even chosing frank's drink over his native vodka- a sure sign of it's authenticity!

It's a real shame that rob and claire don't feel that they want to hang out with us all and sort out the situation that has brewed over the last five years or so- they're really missing out and it's a great shame not to be a part of bela's life- I need to write to him but it's hard to know what to say....

Friday, April 03, 2009


Pre gig pints!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Maida vale drama

Two police vans and two cars have pulled up opposite....but they've all come put again empty handed....

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