Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing Maldives!

Just read that the Maldivian president is aiming to make the islands completely carbon neutral, which is such a positive step. They are hoping to do this with wind and solar power, which will hopefully lead to innovation allowing other places to follow suit.

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More music Sunday

It's a beautiful day outside, but we've once again chosen to sit in the bedroom and record Chimovski tracks - it all for you, folks! Dedication or what?

Here is buzz doing a rough take of Come and Get It... The ironing board kinda ruins the cool factor, but this is a home, not a studio, so what to do?! I should get my surf board in there, or maybe my new Bustin long board once I've figures out how to get it over from NY...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting in on london2012

Been at an Olympic 2012 business network meeting this afternoon in the museum of London in the docklands, trying to work out how to get in on the fun. They are working hard to make it 'sustainable' but as usual there are some crazy things going on. For example they've tied the heating up to a 40 year contract which is supposed to provide combined heat and power from waste at the site using bio-matter. However, this means that the houses they build on the site can't have solar hot water heating as this would eat into the projected returns of the power company... Crazy! Anyway, it was raining when I went in, but a lovely night when I came out, with all the lights of the docklands and a big moon rising between the buildings. The iPhone camera can't do it justice of course, but you get the idea.

Simple sounds

Been recording more chimovski this week, trying to get a few more tracks nailed before our next gig, which is Friday the 3rd April at Dead or Alive in Bar Rhumba on Shaftesbury Av. Should be a good one as it's Rich's birthday that weekend. Jim is having a party on the saturday too so it might be a mad weekend.

Went to comedy at the Arts Club on Frith St on Saturday- was very funny and a cool venue, though I wasn't reduced completely to tears as I often am. Must go to more comedy, laughter is great.

Freedom Path longboard

I've just been checking Core77 and it looks as though my Freedom Path long board has been cut and is on it's way! COOOOOOL. Ch ch ch check it here.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Ten at Fifteen

Went to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen retaurant last night with a bunch of friends. Was pretty nice food and not bad value overall, though I think there's probably a fair amount of hype about it. We were given a set menu, the starter being a large plate of various tasty treats including aubergine, yummy pate and, king sqaush and some mozarella. For my main I chose haddock on a bed of chick peas, but for me it a was a little salty and the chick peas a little to crunchy- I know they're supposed to be 'al dente' but personally I prefer the Spanish style soft ones...

Anyway, here are some photos of the fun:

Thursday, March 05, 2009

First mobile blog

Just checking, while I await my sandwhich, whether blogging from my iphone is working...

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