Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rio de Janeiro

Well well well, we've made it to Rio - who would have thought? We're staying in the old bohemian part of town called Santa Teresa in 'Eric's place' - a really cool house right up on top of the hill. We have fantastic views over the city from the open living room. We found the place using 'Cama E Cafe' which has a number of rooms in residents homes up in Santa Teresa - a bit more personal that a hosel. Eric is a really nice guy who lives up there with his 7 year old son...we're not sure about the mum yet. They have two dogs too, including a three month old puppy who is a right character and has Leah wrapped around his tiny paw!
From Rio de Janeiro

Today we've been watching the Red Bull Air Race over Botafogo beach. I'll try and post some videos in the near future, but basically a bunch of crazy pilots fly at breakneck speed around a number of obsticals about ten feet from the floor! Botafogo is an amazing setting with the sugarloaf mountain in the background and thousands of people lining the beach. We got a bit tired though and split for some Sushi, and now we're just wondering how on earth we're going to get back home....
From Rio de Janeiro
Last night we went out in Lapa, which is a barrio at the bottom of Santa Teresa. It was like Nottinghill Carnaval down there - hundreds of people milling about the streets with all sorts of dffierent music blaring from bars, car windows and street corners. We had a few Caipairinhas and wandered the streets taking in the friday night flavour. Nice.

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bernardo said...

I've been gathering all the pictures, videos, and information I can find about the Red Bull Air Race in Rio, and putting them all up here:

Or, for Portuguese;

Enjoy! And please let me know if there are any good pictures/video out there that I may have missed!

- Bernardo