Friday, April 06, 2007

Moving on....

It´s very grey outside this evening, and it keeps drizling on us which is dissapointing. We are now in Florianopolis centre as our bus leaves very early tomorrow morning and a taxi form the island at 4am didn´t appeal.

I spent all day yesterday in the sea with our new surf board. It´s a really nice board and towards the end of the day I actually felt I was maybe getting somewhere. The beach we went to was called Armaçao and to get you it you park and then cross over a little river. It is a lovely little bay with a tiny island on the left and verdent hills curving round to the right. The waves were small but fairly consistent and clean, which was great for learning and trying out the new board.
From Florianopolis

This morning we went to a beach called Joaquina, but it was really busy due to it beaing Good Friday, there was also a surf competition going on. the waves were really messy and I didn´t enjoy myself much at all....I wanted my nice quiet bay at Armaçao! Anyway, as we left the clouds were rolling in and the day has gone all grey, so I wasn´t sad to leave the beach behind.

Tomorrow we´re heading north to another small island; Ilha do Mel, on which there are no cars. We´re hoping that places to stay aren´t so rare. What with it being Easter places seem to be more booked up. Oh well - hammock on the beach it is!

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