Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ilha do Mel and onto Sao Paulo

We made it to the ilsand Ilha Do Mel for the easter weekend and spent saturday night getting drunk with some surfer dudes from Sao Paulo and Curitiba. Leah and I went to a bar to get some food and in our inebraiated state found the menu translations a little too funny to bare - 'Chicken the Bird' has become a bit of a catchphrase for us...

On sunday the locals went home and it became very peaceful on the island. There were a number of great surf beaches so I spent Sunday and Monday playing on our board. On Sunday I spent most of my time flailing around in the white-water but on Monday the waves were great and I felt like I was finally getting somewhere! Gnarly.
From Ilha Do Mel a...
On Tuesday we found ourselves back on the boat to the mainland and after spending the morning in Paranagua took the 8 hour bus ride to São Paulo. The city is MASSIVE - third biggest in the world apparently with a population as large as Sri Lanka or Australia! It doesn't feel overly safe I have to say and I would rather be back by the sea! However, we happen to be staying in the same hotel as a lovely couple from Australia who we met on the boat over to Ilha do Mel (Ben and Clair) and so we've some tourist buddies to hang out with.
From Sao Paolo

Yesterday we followed the walking tour recomended by the Lonely Planet around the historic parts of the town, which was nice enough but not amazing. Incredibly we bumped into a dude (James) who we met on the bus to Florianopolis so last night the five of us went out for some fantastic Japanese style food - yum yum.

Today we're supposed to be heading out to a large park but the numerous Caiparinas last night have slowed us down a bit....should be heading out before too long though!

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