Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cest fini!

And so our time in Dancevoir has come to and end and we're motoring north again.

Brent and I manged to get another ride in on Sunday, which started in the pouring rain but turned out delightful, and a lot shorter than Mondays 50 miler!

We made another four legged friend too, tho' there's no way this fella could get up to 25mph...

Here he is chatting up Brent.

While we were riding Leah and Helena tried to find some ingredients for dinner in Chaumont, but the French seem pretty set on being closed most of he afternoon. Thankfully the local shop had some pizza dough, which inspired Jim and myself to construct a pizza oven in the garden.... This consisted of some rocks to take up the heat on the inside, flanked by breezeblocks on the outside and as a ceiling. It turned out pretty good in the end so we lit a fire inside and stood back to let it do it's thing.

In the mean time a delicious tomato sauce was cooked up in the house, along with whatever other ingredients could be cobbled together. Jesse rolled the bases with the tonic water bottle (which caused it to explode later when Jim went to top up his G&T...) Once the fire had died down and we considered the temperature sufficient set to cooking the pizzas, each one taking about 2 minutes to oook- an they went down a treat, despite the charred bases...

There followed an evening of dancing, Lungie-Trungie and general merryment until the booze ran out (except for the bottles that Leah and I bought to take home and stubbornly refused to qwaf...) at which point we
Filtered away to bed.

We awoke to a beautiful srping morning, filled with birdsong (and some hammering from next door)...and without further ado we packed up our shizzle and hit the road.

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