Saturday, April 03, 2010

50 mile first day ride in champaign!

Brent and I did a fifty mile ride round the champaign region yesterday to break our legs in, but maybe we just broke ourselves. The scenery and roads were amazing, but the persistant head wind reduced us to base emotions- including swearing at the sky!

The garmin satnav took us off road onto forestry tracks, where our highly strung road bikes had to be carried, and we picked up a friendly labrador that we discovered could run at 25 mph over a surprising distance...

We're staying in an amazing house in Dancevoir, which we would all move into at the drop of a hat. Here's the view from the garden.

After our seven hour ride a we settled into a good deal of wine and merryment and a delicious spag bol whipped up by Jim.

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