Thursday, August 20, 2009

Abu Dhabi

Been out for my first trip to Abu Dhabo on the Etihad job for work. It's been very interesting and really good to finally feel like I'm getting in on the project. We have a lot to do!

We've been up all night after getting back late from dinner, seemed like it might not be worth going to bed, instead opting to stay up and have a few more drinks. Not sure how great an idea this was, but i wasn't about to pull out.... pear pressure tastic!

We've been staying in the Al Raha Beach Hotel, t's so huge and impressive. We even got upgraded to a villa, tho' the Acumen boyz got here first and ended up in the presidential suit. Both spaces are twice the size of a huge London flat! Everything here is larger than life. Next door a massive building in the shape of a makeup mirror is being constructed. It looks like a planet or moon rising up out of the surface of the earth at dusk as it's silhouetted against the lamps of the cityscape. Amazing how much is being built here... and how big it all is!

Anyway, time to scoot - hopefully we'll get some sleep on the plane!

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