Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back in Colombo

So Leah, Tasha and I have returned to Colombo after five months in London for a two week break to celebrate Aushi and Ero's wedding, which is next Saturday. It's great to be back, especially as this time we have no agenda and nothing to organise, which means we can chill and hang out and go visiting places.

Last night was Aushi's 2nd Hen Night, once again themed after Sex and the City. They asked me to take some photos, which came out ok but I don't have permission to post them here yet...ok, well maybe use one.

So tomorrow we're going to head South towards Galle with Zarook and Neela so spend some time chilling with them. The weather is very hot and pretty muggy, but the sun has been out so hopefully I can get some colour over my computer tan. Plus I'm determined to get a bit of a tan since Helena has a bet out against me that I will come back the same colour as I left...

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