Friday, December 07, 2007

"Going to Sri lanka and we're..."

"...gonna get maaaarrrieeed"

You know the song, now sing along. That's right; tomorrow we fly (Business Class) to Colombo for the final countdown to Mr and Mrs Bazalgette! We are getting pretty excited now, of course, even more so due to people like our good friends Sami and Mer already heading to Sri Lanka and indeed probably landing as I write this!

I've been super lame at blogging, but getting my feet back on the ground here in London coupled with getting a wedding organised in Sri Lanka has been taking up any spare minutes might have otherwise grabbed to write some words here. When I have sat down I've found myself largely wordless, maybe just down to mental melt down...who knows. Hopefully the sunshine and adventures in Sri Lanka will inspire some more interesting stories.

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