Friday, October 05, 2007

Rockin' out at Manu Chao

Went to see Manu Chao last night, was awesome. Moshed like I was 14 again!


Sara said...

Lee Bazalgette! Sara Cole here! Remember me? Has been a long long time...what an amazing blog, glad you are enjoying life, congratulations on the engagement. I got married 3 weeks ago, live in Bristol, very happy, off to South Africa on honeymoon soon. (Was the last time I saw you at Glastonbury 1992??) Maybe we'll meet again one day. We are going to see Manu Chao tomorrow! Take care x

lee bazalgette said...

Hey Sara - great to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed Manu Chao - pretty amazing we thought!

Congratulations on getting married!

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