Monday, February 05, 2007

Necochea: Las Grutas

Today we packed ourselves a yummy picnic of serrano ham, cheese and fuit and headed for "Las Grutas", which are some 12km south of Necochea. Everything was going well ´till we discovered at 12:30 that we´d missed the 12:00 bus and the next one wouldn´t come along until 4 in the afternoon...We asked in the tourist office and the guy said a Remis or mini-cab would cost about 40 pesos, well out of our budget for that trip. Thankfully he was wrong and came out to where we were trying to decide what to do to say that actually it would only be ten pesos - so off we went.

I have to admit that I was hoping for some good caves, but unfortunately it was only a low cliff area with some hollows created by the big winter seas. However, it was a lot less crowded than necochea so we sat down on the beach and enjoyed our picnic. The only slightly annoying thing was the lunatic father of some kids playing near to us, who was yelling like a banshee every time his kid kicked the football!

From Necochea

After a while the wind picked up and some light cloud cover came over and it kinda got cold to be honest. Being a restless soul I persueded Leah that we should take a walk up the beach to see if it got any more exciting. It didn´t. We ended up walking along a dusty gusty road on our way to find the bus, with our eyes streaming and stinging every time a car went by. By the time we got to the bus stop we were caked in a fine white powder and probably looked pretty dejected!

From Necochea

Upon returning to Necochea we made for a cafe and hat a nice Cafe Late on the street side veranda and sat watching the world go by...

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Mabel said...

hello my friends!!!!!.Hola mis

amigos!!! en minutos les paso la

fotos del medano blanco y

ustedes comiendo empanadas

criollas....... los esperamos

para regalarles una foto de "la


Juan Cruz
(Necochea Argentina)